They Say I’m Sick!


“They say I’m S!CK! and it won’t take a long
Till my sickness spreads worldwide…” – Sickick

– *Drot* Mesh Cloud Vortex (This is the mist i used in the photo, The store seems to be updating, i have given the mp link for it, I could not find a in world store )
@ Drot

– [VOZ] He Ping Hospital Alley
@ Equal10 Open Until: May 5th, 2019

– ALTAIR* nurse cap (hat is mod, I changed the color of that hat to pink)
@ MP

– CURELESS [+] LoveSick / Love Vaccines
– CURELESS [+] LoveSick / Catheter Choker
– CURELESS [+] LoveSick / MAITREYA / Nurse Ann / RARE
– CURELESS [+] LoveSick / MAITREYA / Bowie Plats / PINK
– CURELESS [+] LoveSick / MAITREYA / Stockings / BLACK
@ Epiphany

Hair: TRUTH VIP December – Tinsley
@ Truth

♥ Music

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